Friday, 30 March 2012

new line: kraft labels

i think i found a new line: these small kraft labels. they are nice and functional.
and i enjoy to create them. i love to work with kraft paper and hand stamps and mix them with handwritten texts.

you can buy them on etsy.


Hello Dear!
In march i have started a new blog called Crafty. It is about the relationship of environmentally consciousness and design in the daily routine. I think many person like DIY and doing crafty things, and one of the core idea of sustainability is using the local sources - so why cant we use design as a tool to reorganise or reuse our environment's old or broken or just bored obejcts and meanwhile use our free source, our hands? We dont really need to buy always new products and feed consumerism if we have creativity.
I collect crafty ideas in according to philophosy of the blog to show taht some easy tips can resolve many kind of problemes. For example tips for gardening in small places. We have a new civic organisation in Hungary who organise public gardens - that is a georgous possibility to gardening for inhabitants who live in the cities without garden. This initiative is very popular so the parcels run out fastly. But you dont have to wait for others who organise something, you can grow small plants in a small corner of your flat as well.

I write the blog in Hungarian because I am planning to develope the local communities in Hungary, and after the puffer period to organise weekly crafty sessions for adults.
Now the blog and the project is under developping, but if you have any idea how to ameliorate it, please feel free to write me. I will be very thankfull. :)