Wednesday, 13 February 2013

My new sweety

My new sweety has just arrived from Ayelet, an Israeli jewelry maker.
This ring is made by silver and one of my favourite, Aquamarine. It is simple but special, love its colour and perfect with my new sea-green nail polish. :)

Friday, 1 February 2013

My children book

Dear Friends,

I apologize because I have not posted so much recently. But I show you the cause of it.
In the last 1,5 year I had worked on a children book that is has edited now by kultúrAktív Association. (The English homepage is under developping so now it is available in Hungarian, sorry.)

The Jewish Quarter of Pest for Children forms part of a set of workbooks titled Your City edited by kultúrAktív Association.
With this set of books kultúrAktív is determined to have the children investigate their own surroundings playfully so that they know their local values better and form it with more responsibility.
This book presents a complex image of the city including the architecture, the green areas, the personal aspects, the multicultural population, the institutes of the city management and infrastructure. 
We propose our book to the 10-12 years old, primary school pupils, local children.

My partner in illustration and editing design was Mimma Nosek.
The editors of the series are Ágnes Sebestyén and Eszter Tóth.
The book is supported by NKA and Bálint Ház.
Thank you for the help of many friends of mine.

Language: Hungarian
Format: A5
Lightcover, mounted paper
Illustration rata: 60 %
92 pages
Price: 2600 HUF

If you would like to have one please contact me.
The book will be available in bookstores soon.